Dry fruit importers

Smirks imports more than different food ingredients directly from farmers and processors around the world.

dry fruit importers

We verify and qualify our suppliers through third party audits and food safety certifications to guarantee the safety and integrity of our products and ensure the highest quality. Offering conventional, Organic and Kosher ingredients from our warehouses in Los Angeles, Denver and New Jersey, we have what you are looking for!

Quinoa, Amaranth, Teff, Millet to name a few. These grains have been grown and harvested for thousands of years and with our team we bring them within your reach. Smirks has direct partnerships with farmers in Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, India and Peru to provide the most reliable and competitive prices on these popular items.

Pumpkin, Sunflower, Hemp, and Flax to name a few. Seeds are an important ingredient or standalone snack item that can be found in countless food products. Smirks connections with our farmers and processing companies in the USA, Canada, China, Bulgaria, and Holland allow us to sources a variety of seeds of different qualities and price points from across the globe.

Desiccated, Oil, Flour, Sugar, Milk, and more. Smirks has spent many years researching and developing strategic relationships with Coconut suppliers in the Philippines and Sri Lanka to provide our customers with every coconut product available. By having partnerships in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, we are able to ensure stability in our supply chain and reduce the volatility in pricing.

Dried Fruit

We offer spot and contract pricing for all Coconut products. Whether you need a honey dipped banana chip or a wild blueberry, Smirks has partnered with fruit growers around the world to offer a variety of Dried fruits.

Home admin T Read More. Smirk's News Stay up to date. Seeds Pumpkin, Sunflower, Hemp, and Flax to name a few.Email: gausales multisnack. Multisnack Developed by Cape Business Online. Pecan Nuts. Dried Fruit. Almond Flour. Coconut Flour. Food Safety. Welcome to the home of MultiSnack — reliable seeds, dried fruit and nuts wholesalers. As dried fruit and nuts wholesalersMultiSnack specialises in the import, processing, and distribution of a selection of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and nut flours.

We process only the highest quality products available on the South African market today.

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MultiSnack supplies to retailers, manufacturers and foodservice companies across South Africa. Because we, as professional dried fruit and nuts wholesalersimport or locally source all our own products from carefully selected suppliers, we are confident in the quality of the products we supply to retailers.

Aside from the outstanding quality of the products we supply, we have also built up an excellent reputation for being a reliable supplier. Our stock availability and price stability, along with our efficient distribution systems and excellent customer service has led us to become a leading supplier. We are accredited for our food safety protocols by:.

MultiSnack is a wholesaler of choice for many businesses across South Africa. We are also known for being accommodating to those customers who need customised products and packaging.

dry fruit importers

Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we pride ourselves in not only supplying quality products, but also in building and maintaining a professional relationship with all of our clients. We supply…. Fax: Cape Town.Full service! We offer our customers not only the possibility to source everything from one supplier but also have access to our knowledge and network in the tea industry and beyond.

Logistics We ship small bags bulk direct from our different warehouses up to complete containers from our Partners in Europe, South Africa and China. We import, refine and trade dried herbs, fruits, flowers, leaves, roots and spices. We work closely with our customers to develop solutions and concepts associated with herbal teas in all shapes of cut right through to complex blends.

Our customers are generally tea dealers, tea packers, tea brands gastronomy, hotels and retailerscoffee roasters and extract companies.

Innovations Partnership, service, consultancy and product development have always been cornerstones of our business.

Sweet taste profile by means of natural juice concentrates. Exceptional fruity taste, hot and cold. Micro-encapsulated flavors with over 24 months shelf-life. The dry loose tea retains its intense aroma. Rich flavor is not lost during brewing. Blended tea with cold water.

One of our latest innovations is cold water brewing. The filter bag will be placed in cold water and infuses within 5 minutes to a full flavor. No more dribbling or drops. Transparent nylon tea bag for valuable leaf teas and tea specialities in the premium segment. Large labels are optimal by providing sufficient space for branding. Perfect tea in 30 seconds. A special development for the K-cup machines, pad, capsule and espresso machines espresso machines.

The encapsulated tea cartridge is being placed into the machine and a complete infusion of the tea takes seconds. Our Production. All our products have been carefully selected by qualified and trained experts and are constantly analyzed and checked by independent laboratories for adherence quality standards.

For individual requests we can order an independent analysis for any particular standard. Sensoricial taste and optical testing, an evaluation of the dry tea leaf, the leaf after steeping, as well as the color of the infusion has been conducted and categorized at our facilities for over years.

We test our teas with state of the art quality control equipment and compare hundreds of infusions daily. All this, enables us to optimize quality and price and develop creative product compositions while maintaining our focus on the taste of the infusions. All our teas are constantly tested for unwanted residues e.

We purposely outsource this process to unbiased specialists who are capable of, and have the equipment for, the most modern, constantly updated analysis methods which satisfy the increasingly stringent criteria. Dried Ingredients quality system checks the products at the source of origin.

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We have maintained long term relationships with our growers, who we personally visit on a regular basis during harvesting, in order to carefully control the overall process. Whether handpicking, automated harvesting or technical processing — our goal is to maintain a sustainable, ecological and high quality production within our product range. Our Certificates We aim to offer only the purest ingredients for our products whenever possible, therefore we fulfil very clear standards for our products.

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dry fruit importers

Service We offer our customers not only the possibility to source everything from one supplier but also have access to our knowledge and network in the tea industry and beyond.

Our Company. We offer our partners the opportunity to take their entire range from a single source.


Carefully selected and constantly analyzed and checked products for adherence quality standards. State of the art tea blending and herbal production facilities in Central Europe. Dried Ingredients World Wide.Lost password?

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Sign me up for the newsletter! Incorporating fruit into your diet is an excellent way to get some of the beneficial antioxidants your body needs. However, fresh fruit can sometimes be difficult to find or impractical to pack in a lunch bag or backpack. If you buy dehydrated fruit, you can easily add dried fruits to a lunch bag or prepare a dry fruit bag for a road trip, biking, hiking or camping trip.

Dry fruit can liven up snack time. When your homemade trail mix or snack bag includes tantalizing flavors such as dried mangodried papayadried star fruitdried pineappledried nectarinesdried kiwi and dried coconutyou can enjoy a momentary, imaginary exotic escape while snacking. Dry fruit such as raisinsapples, dates and figs can be added to a variety of recipes to make them more flavorful and add some nutritional value to the dish.

Dehydrated fruit can add spark to some of your favorite stand-by recipes. You can make a variety of main dish, side dish and desserts healthier and more exciting to your taste buds by adding some flavorful dried blueberriesdried cranberries or dried cherries to the recipe. You can easily find dried fruit online which makes shopping for these healthy foods easy and convenient. When you buy dried fruit, purchase at least one variety that is new to you to expand your culinary experiences.

Staying focused on healthy eating is easier to do when the food you eat tastes good, yet is not time consuming or labor intensive to prepare. Dried fruit healthy eating and delicious meals are a winning combination. Whether you prepare your favorite versions of trail mix, add dried fruit as a topping for cereal, yogurt or oatmeal, add it to the recipes you prepare or simply enjoy dried fruit as a healthy snackyou will be doing something good for your body.

Dry fruit Wholesale market - Cheapest Dry fruits Almonds, Mamra Cashews Walnuts Raisins Importer

When you browse the selection of dried fruit for sale, you may want to purchase fruits that have benefits that specifically relate to your health concerns.

The following synopsis of the benefits certain dried fruits provide will give you an idea of just how beneficial they are. Apricots are an excellent source of Vitamin A and beta-carotene.

They are also a good source of Niacin which is beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Raisins are a good source of the B-complex vitamins as well as iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. Dried blueberries are a good source of vitamin K and vitamin C.

They are also a heart-healthy addition to your diet. In addition to being a good source of minerals such as potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese, dried ginger helps prevent motion sickness and nausea.

The dried fruits and benefits previously mentioned are just a sampling of the many benefits derived from eating dried fruit. The easiest way to do this is to find dried fruits for sale online and purchase them by the pound.

You can purchase a large amount of dry fruits online because they have a long shelf life when stored in an air tight container.Fluent in Dried Fruit. Suppliers to the food industry. We supply dried fruit to manufacturers. Dried Fruit Mine Ltd has been a leading supplier to bakers, wholesalers and food manufacturers, from mainstream retailers to well-known household brands.

We provide a wide range of ingredients selected from over 20 countries around the world by our team of experts. We also provide specialised food products that include white, brown and golden sesames seeds. Our expert knowledge stems from three generations of trading and sourcing of dried fruit, nuts and seeds. More and more interest in nuts and seeds.

Can we ever eat enough nuts? Pinenuts, Apricot Kernels. DFM can source raw ingredients, blend and, now, package products — all according to the customers desired specifications. The Private Label Pouching services can accommodate small and large runs. Pouching materials include gusseted and non-gusseted pillow pouch bags. Stock gusseted bags are available in varying sizes, materials and colours. Both gusseted and non-gusseted bags can be customized and printed according to your design specifications.

Whether its white boxes of seeds or branded exotic dried fruit packages, own-brand products are big business. Underlying the business is our strength in development. We have an in depth experience in catering to all our clienteles dried fruit, nuts and seed requirements. We want all our products to be of the quality you desire and quality is a way of life at Dried Fruit Mine Ltd.

Once at our factory, samples from every delivery are checked for appearance, taste and microbiological quality to determine the level of final cleaning required. Homepage - Dried Fruit Mine Ltd. Fluent in Dried Fruit Suppliers to the food industry. Welcome to Dried Fruit Mine Ltd. Dried Fruit. Private Label Packaging. White Labelling. We can provide all our products white labelled. New Product Development.You need to enable Javascript in your browser to use most features on our website.

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Please click here to check who's online and chat with them. Browse dry-fruits-nuts buyers by country and region.

Dehydrated Fruits and Powders

List Your Business Here. View All Buy Leads. Get Quotes From Suppliers Worldwide. Countries Asia. North America. South America.

Welcome to the home of MultiSnack – reliable seeds, dried fruit and nuts wholesalers

Top 20 Countries. United States. United Arab Emirates. United Kingdom.

dry fruit importers

Viet Nam. Saudi Arabia. Sri Lanka. Russian Federation. South Korea Republic Of Korea. Premium Members Gold Preferred.

Silver Members. Listing Type Products. Trade Leads. Date Last 3 Days. Last 7 Days. Last 30 Days. Last 60 Days. Older than 60 Days. Self 1. Buyer From - United Arab Emirates. Date fruit, mazafati, rabbi dates.These soft and chewy healthy raising cookies with banana and cinnamon are soft, delicious, healthy and best of all An email was sent with the steps you should follow in order to renew your password. This site may use some cookies to enhance user experience.

Please, accept it before navigate in our website. We recommend you to read the cookies policy. Watch the Video. Get involved in our NutfruitPowerChallenge Create a healthy breakfast recipe with nuts and dried fruits Discover More. Breakfast Burritos with Pine Nuts and Prunes Make a nutritious cocoon for breakfast with our exquisite breakfast burrito with pine nuts and prunes. Chef: INC. See more 15 MIN. Turmeric Chickpea Bowl with Pecans and Raisins. Healthy Raisin Cookies These soft and chewy healthy raising cookies with banana and cinnamon are soft, delicious, healthy and best of all More recipes.

Eating nuts has long been associated with having positive effects on our health, especially our heart health. But, did Valentine's Day is once again around the corner and although known as the day of love sometimes, with all the Poorly controlled blood sugar levels may increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes and its complications Low levels of vitamin K have been linked with low bone-mineral density, which may increase the risk of fractures.

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